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Identification Wilhelm Wolff luftschrauben

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  • Identification Wilhelm Wolff luftschrauben

    Hi all. Found this propeller when moving my mother to a new house. Apparently my father got this as a gift in the late 70ties for painting a house an elderly man in our street. Since they all past away i have no further info. It is a Wilhelm Wolff luftschrauben of 280 cm with 8 holes.

    Nr 9035
    Ps160 Mercedes

    Other markings:
    Gepruft flz
    Stand 1350

    is this a real piece? And if yes. What would be the approx value? If historic value might be willing to donate...
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    It certainly looks authentic from the photos, although it's possible that it was refinished and new decals applied (although I doubt that). German props are difficult to identify, and Bob Gardner has been our go-to authority on those but he has not posted here in some time and has not responded to my own attempts to contact him privately. He has written a series of excellent books on German props and I'll see if I can find anything helpful in those.

    I have a friend who would likely be interested in purchasing it if you have any interest in that. (I've pretty much halted my own collecting for lack of space . . . )


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      I am always open to an offer..


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        Any chance of getting a tracing of the profile?



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          I am interested in your prop. If you have a desire to sell it can you contact me please?
          Rhett Taber