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Paragon Propeller HELP!!!

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  • Paragon Propeller HELP!!!

    I’m not sure if you can answer my questions but I sure am excited to find out about this propeller I found at a little antique shop. My grandfather was a pilot for 50 years with Air Canada and is now passed. I saw it and felt the urge to purchase it even with the 2000.00 price tag. This is what I know:

    It is 8 foot 3 Inches long
    Excellent condition
    8 holes in center

    Readings on the propeller is something like:
    8’3X5.00 (Dimensions ?)
    Stamped (AID C2) within a circle (not sure significance?)
    Stamped Paragon
    Code 15831 od side in middle (what does this represent?)
    Stamped R.Brodie (who is this?)
    Has other codes or numbers that I cannot quite read including a (C.A 12 With 14 under it in a box) or i could be C. Alder?
    Right Hand stamped on it

    In my research, I have found from your website it could be the Curtiss JN4C- “Jenny” propeller.
    If you could tell me any extra or helpful info, It would be more that appreciated. Im so fascinated with the piece!

    Any info regarding age, value, maker, plane etc!

    Thank you so much!!
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    It certainly looks like one of the props that was designed for use on the Canadian JN4C with an OX5 engine. Nice that the decals are still present, although it looks from the photos as if it may have been re-varnished at some point.

    The stampings generally describe the thread rotation (right hand), the dimensions (length and pitch in feet and inches) and possibly the drawing number, which is basically a blueprint number that defines the geometry of the prop. I think the rest of them are just inspection stamps, and R. Brodie may be an inspector, although that's just a guess.

    I don't think the $2000 should be a concern. Particularly if you could determine that it had the original finish you should always be able to recover that if you decided to sell it.

    I'll try to do a little searching to see if any of those numbers show up in any databases.


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      Wow, thank you kindly for the quick reply. Wonderful Forum you have here.
      Of course let me know if anything else come up.
      Greatly appreciated!


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        Also, it does state in the paragon logo "American Propeller" Would this make the propeller American or still have been used on the Canadien JN4C. I apologize if my questions are elementary. Just an after thought =)


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          I was told years ago that this particular design was used on the Canadian version, and that some 800 of them were manufactured for that purpose. On the other hand this one (which I own) is stamped with the "S.C." preface which identifies it with the U.S. Signal Corps, so I think it's fair to say that the propeller was likely applicable to either the Canadian version or the U.S. version.