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Widgeon 82RS-72 Sensenich hub and spinner?

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  • Widgeon 82RS-72 Sensenich hub and spinner?

    Hello all
    I recently acquired an old Widgeon 82 prop in nice shape. Im going to put it in the office or the mantle, and thought it would be neat to make it as original as possible. Anyone have any leads on old hub parts or spinner? Preferably non airworthy since its just for display. From some research, it appears to have gone with a ranger engine, and a Warner 8808 hub assembly. Thanks for any info
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    I can't help with hub parts, but that's a nice find, including the old "Lititz" decals.


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      Jim - you just beat me to that one! I live near LA and was talking to the seller when he let me know you had come by to pick it up. Congrats on the purchase. It's a nice one!


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        Thanks. I am enjoying it. I had no idea how rare it was, just thought it looked cool and in good shape.


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          It's a good one. I've been looking for one with that type of hub. I have about 50+ props in my collection, but not one like that.


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            Saw another one on eBay a bit ago
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