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  • Propeller help please

    hi all, newbie here

    I have two props, A and B. I know (or believe) quite a bit about A but nothing about B. Here goes...

    A: is 6'3" long with eight bolt holes. It has brass plates on the hub which give me enough info to tie it reasonably firmly to the Saro Shrimp experimental flying boat. However, some of the numbers mean nothing to me and I wonder if anyone here might know what they refer to. To summarise what's on the plates:
    'Niagara III' refers to the Pobjoy engine, and 'LH' to, I assume, one of the left hand engines (the aircraft had four in total). 'D. 6.25' refers to 6'3", and I guess 'P. 8.64' is the pitch.
    It's dated July 1939 and then '65191' - what does that refer to? Lastly, DRG No. Z 5390/1 I am sure refers to Air Ministry specification R.5/39 for the aircraft type.

    B: has no identifying marks at all, and is 4'8.5" long. It has only three bolt holes and a kind of trefoil-shaped recess in the hub.

    Your thoughts on both would be most welcome. Thanks!
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    "B" is not likely for a certificated aircraft but could be for any number of non-aviation applications.


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      Re. Propeller ‘A’: LH refers to the direction of rotation of the propeller (i.e. anticlockwise when viewed from behind), not to its location on the aircraft.
      65191 is most likely a serial number and DRG No. Z.5390/1 is the drawing number, which in most cases would be specific to an aircraft type.
      P. 8.64’ would certainly refer to the pitch; seems quite a high figure for a relatively small propeller; this suggests to me that the Saro Shrimp, being purely a research prototype, might have been fitted with different propellers during its life for test purposes, this one being optimised for range and endurance.
      As a propeller from a unique aircraft, that’s an interesting and rare item.


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        Originally posted by Dbahnson View Post
        "B" is not likely for a certificated aircraft but could be for any number of non-aviation applications.
        A microlight or similar, perhaps? It appears to be made of pine or similar knotty softwood, if that has any relevance.

        thanks for the replies so far


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          Only my humble opinion but, if it is made from knotty softwood, I think it very unlikely that it was made to do anything other than hang on a wall for decoration.


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            thanks - I will give it a sand and a coat of wax and maybe make a spinner for it, then give it back to its owner for display. The one from the Shrimp (A) - any ideas on value and where might be a good route for sale, if the owner wants to do so?