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  • Help to understand details on a hub

    I am sorry if I am going against the grain with a question on my first post and currently know very little about propellers. I was given this propeller clock a long time ago and recently decided to restore it. Clocks I know something about but not propellers, many hours searching the internet has taught me enough to find the topic very interesting but not enough to know if this much reduced part of a propeller is even an aircraft item. The direction of the markings seems contrary to most others I have seen, I realise that part of each line was lost when the hub was sectioned, but I had hoped to find some similar information to complete it.

    Can anyone help with identification? I do not want to restore a fairground item!

    Thanks from a new member and for letting me join the forum

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    It's likely a British manufactured prop from the teens and twenties. They typically had a "G" and "N" number, which was essentially a serial number, but the other half would have had the "G" number. Kind of hard to know at this point but my first guess is that it was designed for an AVRO 504K, which utilized one of three different engines. You might be able to narrow it down by carefully measuring the hub dimensions and compare them to the engines listed on the link on that page.


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      Thank you very much for that information, I am now able to search for more data.