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    I have part of a WW1 British propeller - approximately 50" in length to where the boss would have been so overall length would presumably have been 112" or so. It is very light in weight, appears to have been varnished apart from the tip that is fabric covered. The only markings I can find are The British War Department broad arrow with 'A" (so RFC period) and some Air Inspection Directorate marks ' A.I.D. 71M'. & 'A.I.D. 71A'. Can anyone help identify it?

    Many thanks
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    Sadly, this is like finding a piece of a tire and trying to figure out what vehicle it would have been used on, but without having any other information. You would almost have to somehow find an intact identical tire and find that this piece is identical in every way, which is a long shot. Possibly the hub itself would narrow down the possibilities considerably, but that's no longer present.

    It's almost certainly WW1 era and hasn't been "restored" in any way, so I'd advise that you leave it entirely as it is and display it for it's inherent value as an artifact.


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      Thanks of your advice - thought as much!