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New user - just found a cool wooden propeller

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  • New user - just found a cool wooden propeller

    Found this when I closed down the family house in NE Ohio.
    My brother acquired it somewhere.
    Not looking to sell, it's too beautiful.
    If you know what application it was used for, would like to hear from you.
    Hub Diameter = ~ 9.0"
    Hub Thickness = ~ 6.375"
    Tip to Tip = ~ 99.0"
    8 hole hub

    I'm not a pilot, but I've been skydiving for 40+ years, though never from something with a wooden prop, so I can appreciate what I now have.

    Be well.

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    If you Google Mccook Field there is a wealth of information which makes the prop even more interesting.


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      Not much to go on there. Is there nothing stamped on the other side of the hub?

      It's probably late teens or 1920s, but it could have been designed for any number of engines/aircraft. You can exclude some engines by carefully measuring hub dimensions and comparing them to the link on that page.


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        Thanks for the feedback.
        We googled McCook field when we first acquired the piece.
        I seem to remember it was the forerunner for Wright Patterson AFB and was involved in propeller development for WW1 aircraft.
        I'll go back and refresh my memory.

        There are no other stampings on the other side of the hub.

        I'll do as you suggested and take more careful measurements and review the linked web site.

        I resisted my early / foolish temptations to polish the wood and metal and merely gently wiped the dust off with a damp cloth.
        That is more than enough restoration. for me and likely too much for some.

        Be well.



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          Actually, I'm nearly certain that it's for a Curtiss JN4H with either the 150 or 180 HP engine. I looked through some old documents and found the attached listing. Although the last two digits are blurred I think they show the drawing number of 34889. It should be 8 feet 6 inches in length and those hub dimensions should be consistent with the Hispano Suiza ("Hisso") engine. It certainly looks like other Hisso propellers I've seen, including this one which I owned a while ago, even though the drawing number is not stamped on it. (The "SC" number is a Signal Corps number which is not useful for identification.)
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            Thank you for taking the time to research and answer my questions.
            Blue skies.

            Moe off Gridset.jpg


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              But, wheres your propeller?