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  • Westland Wapiti

    I have a 10 ft propeller with a 3 foot pitch.
    It has been identified as a Westland Wapiti propeller.
    It's still covered in linen and can be considered as original... Circa 1931 to 1943 South African Air Force..
    What would this be worth?

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    It's very hard to know without seeing it. Collectors want to (1) know its actual condition and (2) know for sure what aircraft it was designed for or used on. If there are drawing numbers on it, that might help positively identify it, and if you can post photos (or send them to me,, I can post them for you and get a better idea of actual condition.

    (These opinions are based on many descriptions that are believed to be accurate but turn out not to be so.)


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      Will be taking pics tomorrow and sending them to you. Thanks Dave