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Looking for help to identify what this propeller was for

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  • Looking for help to identify what this propeller was for

    So my uncles father brought this back from the war( don’t know what war that’s just the words that were passed down)
    my uncle then had it from at least 1946 (year my mum was born and she remembers it from when she was a child)
    when my uncle and aunt died it then passed to me bacause of an interest in aviation
    I have not done any thing with it (I think I posted this on face book before and people said the decal was fake, it’s not)
    as you can see it’s very big and heavy , nothing else identifying on it

    please help
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    It's certainly not a fake decal, nor is it some kind of fake prop blade. It's way too much work for something with so little value (i.e. a piece of item instead of the entire propeller). Lang made lots of different models of propellers, most of them for the U.S. Navy in the late teens and twenties and I'd be nearly certain that's what this is from. The diamond shaped blade is characteristic of Lang designs. Without the drawing number (which was on the hub itself) it's virtually impossible to know what model it was or what aircraft it was used on.


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      Thanks, I think the logo was only used for a shot time

      Ive just been speaking to my mum and she says there is a book of photos of my uncles dad and old aircraft , we will be hitting her attic will post if I find any thing