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  • Not seeing all threads

    HI, I just subscribed to teh forum but I have a problem, I don't seem to see all the threads that shows on the main page?

    I.e. (firt attached picture) According to the main page there are 1199 threads in the Modern wood propeller but when I click on it I only see three threads (pic. 2)?
    whats the possible reason?
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    Thanks for pointing that out. Mine does the same thing, but I think something got re-set in the control panel to change the thread viewing to 2 months.

    I'll try to find out how to fix it, but in the meantime if you go to the bottom of that page you'll see an option to change the thread display mode which is currently set at 2 months for some reason.

    Change that to a longer period of time and the older threads should show up:

    (Hopefully by the time you read this I will have figured out how to change the setting for all users, but I think that's what the problem is.)

    P.S. I think it should show all threads now without you changing anything. You can change it to a shorter time if you choose.

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      Ah yes I figured it out at the end! Its not a busy forum, like there is a new thread once every few months
      ok fixed it| thanks