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Who help to identify this Propeller

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  • Who help to identify this Propeller

    Hi all,

    Who can help to Identify this wooden Propeller ? Thanks in advance, Sjaak
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    I'm not sure it can be accurately identified, but my guess is that it's German design, possibly German manufacture, almost certainly WW1 era and that it's been mounted and used on an actual aircraft, quite possibly a 185 HP BMW engine. I don't recognize the decal design but perhaps closer inspection (good close up photos) might reveal a manufacturer. Are there any other stamped numbers or symbols on the other side of the hub??

    It certainly appears to be in original condition and for sure should not be "restored" in any way.


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      Following convention, the markings presumably relate to Diameter, Pitch and Horsepower.

      The German word for ‘Diameter’ is ‘Durchmesser’ so abbreviation to ‘Diam’ isn’t consistent with this propeller being German, neither is ‘PK’ for ‘Horsepower’, the German word being ‘Prferdestarken’, usually abbreviated to ‘PS’.

      Consider these translations:
      Diameter = Diameter (DIAM)
      Pitch = Schroefspoed, or simply Spoed (SP)
      Horsepower = Paardenkracht (PK)

      I think this propeller is Dutch.


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        Originally posted by Mtskull View Post

        I think this propeller is Dutch.
        That makes sense. I do think that it's a German design and was likely used on a German aircraft engine (? 185 HP BMW). Note that after the war Anthony Fokker established aircraft manufacturing in Holland for a short time.


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          I don't think this kind of shielding have been used before the end of the 20's. Just an opinion!

          The pitch / diameter quotient is also too large for early times. But the diameter / power is too large to be past WW2. So, IMHO, the prop is from the 30's. But I am not fluent with German or Dutch props, so...



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            I will put my further thoughts out there because I love a mystery and this might just form a piece of the jigsaw or jog somebody’s memory:

            If you turn the photo of the decal clockwise 90 degrees, it appears to consist of the stylised letters D, L and M superimposed upon each other.
            Could it be that the L and M stand for Luchtvaart Maatschappij, i.e. Aviation Company?
            If this is correct, what might the ‘D’ stand for?
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