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    Hello. Were there variants of the Marble Chair NC-4 prop that had no metal sheathing? Was the sheathing "field-applied" by the Navy after they took delivery of the propellers? All of the NC-4 photos I've seen have the sheathing, but I found one for sale that has the correct shape, but no sheathing. Thanks for any information. Best Regards.

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    It's hard to tell without any other information, but it would be unusual for the Navy to procure propellers for flying boats unless they were already furnished with metal sheathing. Often these propellers that survived were destined for metal sheathing but rejected in the manufacturing process and then disposed of as souvenirs for factory workers or others.

    Is the propeller stamped with numbers and/or are there decals on the blades?


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      Thank you for your kind response. It’s on ebay. Under the tag NC-4 flying boat, Curtiss, Propeller, Marble Chair,Navy. 323757154261. I tried to have the seller send more detailed photos/descriptions, but he seems standoffish & unwilling to do so. It has the shape of an NC4 prop, but the details seem wrong to me. I’m unsure how to post photos from my phone in this forum. Thanks again for your help.


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        I'm just guessing that he's basing its identification on a prop in a museum that looks like it, which is a virtually useless way to establish a propeller's identity. If he won't provide more documentation you're taking a pretty big gamble bidding on it.

        Without stamped information on the hub it's an "unknown" propeller, probably designed for a Liberty engine.


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          Thank you, Sir. I appreciate the information and responses. I believe Ill pass on this particular prop.
          Best Regards