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Help identifying Flottorp prop?

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  • Help identifying Flottorp prop?

    I just joined this excellent forum--thanks for having it! I am trying to identify the vintage and application of a 69" Flottorp propeller recently gifted to me. I found a website with Flottorp drawing numbers but the stamped numbers weren't on the list. Hard to see, but the three stamped rows say: (1) 18578, (2) BES 78-59, (3) (too faded to see). Pictures attached here. I'd appreciate any expertise from this audience. Thank you!
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    1. - the serial number, which doesn't help identify it;
    2. The DES is the "design" number, where 78 is the diameter (length) in inches and 59 is the pitch in inches
    3. Hard to know what was stamped there

    I have another reference which shows that design number expired in 1944, which means that any propeller manufactured after that was not eligible for use on certificated aircraft, also that it was built under a "type certificate" TC 754, which might be helpful if you could find a listing of type certificates, which I have never found.