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Sensenich propeller on ebay

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  • Sensenich propeller on ebay

    Spotted this WW2 propeller on eBay. I’m tempted to make an offer but would appreciate the thoughts of the experts.
    Is it genuine? Worth the money?

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    I don't think it's worth that price. It has the newer Lancaster decals and is a very common model. Just a few years ago you could buy one like it (non-airworthy) directly from Wag-Aero for $250, and it wasn't too long ago that you could find a used display prop like that for around $100 to $150.

    Personally, if I were selling that prop I'd expect something more in the $300 range. IMHO, the older Lititz style decals might double that price.


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      Thanks. Is it genuine “Vintage WW2” do you think?


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        Originally posted by Mtskull View Post
        Thanks. Is it genuine “Vintage WW2” do you think?
        No, not really. The aircraft for which it was manufactured was one of the many trainers used during WW2, many of which are still being flown (like my Piper Cub), but if you go to this page, and scroll down to the bottom where the "AA" prefix shows up you'll see that this prop was manufactured in 1984.

        I'm finding over the past year or two that most propellers that turn up on eBay are either pure junk or have very inflated opening bid prices.

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          Thanks again for your advice.
          They won’t be getting £600 of my money for a 1984 Piper Cub propeller.....