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Wooden Propeller Identification

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  • Wooden Propeller Identification

    Trying to seek information on this propeller that was found in a family member's home.

    Identifying marking on one blade, just outside the hub. Starts wtih DES H. The rest is not clear. (Might be H56 or H5?
    DES. H## [?]-[?] 1.1
    A serial number is stamped on the second line (No. 10282)

    The diameter is 102.5" from tip to tip.
    Blades have a stamped metal leading edge that extends from the tip inward about 35"
    There is another metal strip that runs from the leading edge to trailing edge between 13.5" - 17.25" from the tip. This strip is both on the front and back of the propeller.

    8 bolt hub
    Flared hub with wooden vaneer around the hub leads me to believe this is a lower speed prop?
    The back of the hub is stamped 554.
    Front of the Hub is 7.5" diameter
    Back of Hub is 14" diameter

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    Unfortunately you'd have to find an exact identical propeller with legible markings to positively identify it. The transverse metal banding is unusual, but I think finding another one is a long shot.


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      A lovely old propeller.
      If I were you I wouldn’t give up on trying to decipher the design number. Maybe making a pencil rubbing of it could reveal markings that the eye finds it difficult to discern.


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        Originally posted by Dbahnson View Post
        .../... The transverse metal banding is unusual, but I think finding another one is a long shot.
        The only prop I have seen with transverse metal banding is on a windmill generator, a Chauviere made for Paris-Rhone probably during WW2. However the hub is very different of the one of this thread. The prop is 3.40 meters long. There are two markings : "15" (probably the prop number as there is the same written with a pencil) and "734".

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          HI Josh, If you would like to sell your propeller, I would be interested in a purchase. I can be reached at Thanks, Scott