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  • Help in Identifying a propeller


    I need help in identifying a propeller. Is there some sort of association/museum or other that would have a picture of the original plane?

    Some Canadian Legion closed down years ago and I ended up getting this propeller from one of the fellows that used to run it.

    I beleive it was from a De Havilland trainer from either the RCAF or the RAF, pre-WWII.

    DRG NO D.H. 5232/C/S

    Thank you

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    Your specific drawing number, 5232/C is not listed in my data. The drawing number DH 5232 was widely used by de Havilland in the 1930's for its famous range of Moth light aircraft, primarily for the Leopard Moth, Puss Moth and Hornet Moth. I have records of about thirty different variations of the prop and almost all are for these three aircraft.
    One or two variants were used for the Tiger Moth ( DH 5232/B) but in conjunction with the Gypsy Major 1 engine. This was the engine almost always used in the Tiger Moth. Your prop is marked for the Gypsy III.

    The Tiger Moth was hardly ever fitted with the Gypsy III engine. When it was, the drawing number was mostly DH5220.

    De Havilland Canada built 1500 Tiger Moths, all with the Gypsy Major 1C engine.

    It is unlikely that your prop is from a Tiger Moth. If it did come from a training aircraft it might be from a civilian Puss Moth etc impressed for the war by the RCAF. This also seems unlikely.

    This inconsequential answer is generally the sort of result you get when trying to identify a prop. In most cases you cannot get an exact answer.

    With regards,

    Bob Gardner
    Bob Gardner
    Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers


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      Found more info


      Thanks for the post. I found more numbers on the propeller for you or anyone else that might have info on this propeller.

      One side of the propeller shows this:

      DRG NO D.H. 5232/C/S

      The other side shows the following:

      D6 5' P4 65' NOV35
      AC 36088

      Note that on the back of the propeller (center facing the engine) the numbers 36088 appear again.

      Thanks again



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        More info

        For those of you interested. I had email a few aviation museum in Canada and this is the response i got.

        Hi Denis - Sorry for the delay. Blame it on golf. FYI from what you have described is the prop of a pre WWII RCAF Trainer.

        A Gypsy Moth de Havilland
        AC36088 is the serial number
        DRG No DH 5232/c/s is the mfg's drawing
        D6 P465 Nov 35 is the date of manufacture.

        Take care,

        John Bonner
        Western Canada Aviation Museum


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          Anyone have a picture?

          Forgot to ask if anyone had a picture of a RCAF Gypsy Moth, with all the markings of that era.

          Thanks again.



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            Any information on a prop that I have?
            DRG No. DH5212/D
            Issue 8
            D.H. Gipsy III
            other side......
            D6’ 2”
            P 5’-5”
            A.C.G NO 20921
            thanks David G.


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              Look at this list ( and you'll see a lot of different aircraft that might have used that drawing number but you can narrow it down to what's stamped on the prop, like the suffix "D" and "Gypsy III".

              I think that will narrow it down to an Avro Avian or a DH Puss Moth, and there my be no way of knowing which.