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JN-4 OX3 prop refurbished original?

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  • JN-4 OX3 prop refurbished original?

    I have a prop that I inherited back in the 90s. It was a gift to my grandfather a WW2 veteran. I do believe it was used on a JN4 however it seems like the OX5 engine was the predominate engine with that airframe and this propeller is stamped OX3? It is obvious that if this is original then it has unfortunately been refurbished given its looks and condition. Attached are some photos of the prop, and the letter that came with it. I really want to know if it is an original WW1 era propeller and have hopes someone here can provide more info as I continue to pass it on to my son.
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    Good question. It certainly appears to have been refinished, and I don't know anything about a Curtiss OX3 engine or if the JN4 ever used one. There were quite a few different styles of propellers used on the Jenny, however, and the metal sheathing was fairly common. Yours does not appear to have been mounted, and that little four leaf clover stamping usually contained inspection stamps so it may have been a reject or even just something that was to be used for testing or experimentation. The "S.C." is a Signal Corp number but those never seem to have any relevance to models of dates of manufacture.


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      Ok thank you. I wasn’t sure if that was a SC or SO but that makes sense. From my research the OX3 was a precursor development engine prior to the OX5. It seems my grandmother purchased the propeller from a pilot in WA state by the name of Wally Olson who used to own an airport in Vancouver Washington. He used a JN4 back in the day to deliver airmail in the Columbia river gorge. I’m sure this was an extra prop he had laying around or on the wall in his hanger before he sold it . Who knows..