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Help required in identifying this prop

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  • Help required in identifying this prop

    I recently bought an 80" wood prop, in rough shape but a keeper. It had a partial decal as per the photo, and the hub is marked as shown. It appears similar to a Tiger Moth prop I have seen at the local air museum, but the decals are not the same. Anyone with information?
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    When you look at this list you'll get some idea of how many different models of British propellers were manufactured. Yours may well have been designed for use on a Tiger Moth, but I can't find any way to verify that, even on that extensive list. It looks like a left hand rotation and Gipsy is stamped on it, but that still leaves a large number of other possibilities.

    I think this is your decal, so there may be some reference under a detailed search for Granby Aviation. I'm not sure what's available along those lines, however. Hundreds of propeller manufacturers are no longer in existence and most of those didn't leave much behind . . .

    Granby Aviation Ltd.JPG


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      Thanks for the great info on the decal. The few letters that remain on mine are a perfect match, so you nailed it. Cheers, mike


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        I am researching my family's legacy in the world of wooden prop manufacture. Granby Aviation is one of the companies they were involved in. Happy to share as we find out more. Would love to know the backstory of this prop too!

        I do know there is a Granby prop on the Moth in Langley. I found this fb post of them receiving it in 2015 in original packing crate!
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