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    Hi all,

    I am looking for some help on building a replica aircraft propellor, it was one used on a bleriot XI, i saw in a museum,

    i believe it was a chauviere prop, it had some details, markings on it etc but I couldnt quite make them out,

    they went something like this,

    Diameter 250

    PAS 160

    ????? 15773

    Serif 2212

    i wonder if anyone knows of related drawings or blueprints, I have been trying to find some but have no idea where to look,

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    Accurate drawings or blueprints are almost non-existent for propellers manufactured in that era, or if they exist no one seems to be able to find them.

    I do have two original Bleriot XI props, but they were not manufactured by Chauviere. The Normale is fully original, the Ebora has new decals and French polish, but the structure is original. You can find links to both of those on this page. Ironically, the Normale propeller has a link to one of the few actual drawings I've ever found for a specific propeller.

    I have another reference that validates a Chauviere propeller with the "Serie" number 2212, and the diameter of 250 and pitch of 160 are correct for that model.