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  • What is this worth?

    Hi, I got this prop in a garage sale and was told its from a crash in Hamden CT. I believe its this crash. https://www.newenglandaviationhistor...t-plane-crash/

    Assuming i get documentation verifying it, whats this worth? Its a Hartzell Liberty prop and consistent with a JN-4 engine.
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    Its value would come in the documentation. The "Liberty" decal was only used for a short time, and according to Jimmie Reedy who worked there until recently it was only used on four models of propellers before a court ordered Hartzell to change the logo in a dispute with the Liberty engine manufacturers. I don't know if there was a model used on the JN4. It's possible that what remains of your propeller was identical to this one, which presumably "could" have been used on the JN4.

    You should measure the diameter of the bolt hole circle. It should 5 1/4" if it fit an OX5 powered Jenny. Let me know what you get for a measurement. There were also Hisso powered JN4s, which had a larger hub.


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      Thanks for the info, I guess I will need to start over. Based on the story i got when i bought it, this crash seems to line up nicely... Maybe your friend can point me in the right direction? There are two numbers stamped in it 117 and x 208 with 3 pyramids below it (see pic). I appreciate the help, although curious about the value, the story is also really intriguing me! I will try to track down the guy who sold it to me 8 years ago...
      Bolt hole circle - 8"
      hub - 5"
      center bore - 3 3/8"
      bolt holes - 3/4"
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        So those measurements are not compatible with either of the engine options on a JN4 (OX5 or Hisso), so it really can't be from the crash you linked to earlier.

        That's a very large hub and very large bolt holes, the bolt holes in particular being larger than most all of the common engine hubs of that era. So I don't know what it was used for. I do know that it is late teens era, but was not for a Curtiss JN4.

        The "x" is often used before the measurement of pitch, preceded by diameter, as in a x b where a is the diameter and b is the pitch. It also was sometimes used to precede and experimental model number, although I doubt that's the case here.

        Jimmy Reedy, as far as I know, has passed away. I communicated with him maybe 10 or 15 years ago after his long career at Hartzell but I haven't heard from him since then, although I did try to contact him once. I have only found two models of the "Liberty logo" Hartzell props and have no knowledge of what the other two were, but you probably have a piece of one of those two.


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          Thanks for the help.