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Bob Gardner
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An afterthought. I have been wondering why I can't find any other propeller for the Benz engine with the dimensions shown on your prop.

Here is my line of thought.

The serial number on your prop, 8384, is near the end of the B u R production run and therefore dates from late 1917 and 1918.

These dimensions (D2750 St2000) are well known on propellers fitted to the Mercedes D IIIa engine of 160ps which was widely used on German aircraft and came into use in late 1917; examples are props made by Anker for the Albatros CL II, and the Fokker DVII; by Garuda for the Albatros D II and D Va; and by almost every other German propeller maker for similar aircraft.

Of note is that the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, England own a propeller made by B u R with the identical dimensions of 2750/2000mm which is marked for the 160ps Mercedes D IIIa.

Your prop is stamped for the 160ps Benz engine, where the number 6 is overstamped. This occurs often where a prop designed for the 110ps Benz was fitted to the uprated Benz 150ps engine. 110ps is overstamped to read 150ps Benz. There was no such engine as a 160ps Benz.

A possible explanation is that 160ps is correct but that it applies to the Mercedes D IIIa engine and that the word Benz was never changed to Mercedes. If so your propeller was used on famous WW1 German fighter aircraft. Errors do occur in the data stamped on WW1 German Propellers.

In parentheses, I should add that Lamberton & Cheesman record that the Benz 200ps engine was experimentally tried on the Fokker D VII, with no success, so we can dismiss any thought that your prop refers to this engine.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Hi Bob,
Thanks for the complete info.
It helped me alot.
Many greetings, Torsten
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