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Bo Lauterbach
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Default Hartzell, Design 7315P

Good morning,
I have just joined this forum because I need some help identifying a modern prop that I have had for 45 years. It is, wooden, in new condition and has never been mounted.
It is a Hartzell, Design 7315P/54,SR52313 and that is all I know for sure.
Someone thought it was for a UC76 Bamboo Bomber, and another source says it was for a Globe Swift.
Bo Lauterbach

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Delta Hotel
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Default Reply to bo

I too own a Hartzell 7315P 54
I received this from my dad who took it off his Globe Swift in favor of a metal one. I was astonished to get a google return on my query.
Mine is sr no. 54932.

It is in excellent shape, though not New.

Best Regards,

Delta Hotel
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Site Admin
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Thanks for filling that in. The number doesn't appear on the Hartzell list, so I've taken the Liberty of re-titling this thread with that number in case someone else is searching for that information.

Thanks again.
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