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Default Fahlin Prop 44K ID Help Needed

I have a Fahlin prop similar to the one in the 02-09-2017, 09:16 AM post from Cletus. I see that there was a request from Dbahnson for more information and pictures, but none were forthcoming.

My prop measures 90.25" tip-to-tip, has eight bolt holes, has stickers indicating it was produced in Columbia MO,. U.S.A..

It has
SERIAL. NO.4418127
DWG. NO. 44K13555
stamped on what I'll call the top of the curved part of the central mounting section.

On the bottom flat part of the mounting section (when the serial number text is upright) are stamped the numbers "44K" and "18127" on somewhat opposite sides of the shaft hole inside the ring of mounting bolt holes.

On the top flat mounting section about 2.5" outside the mounting bolt holes is a small (1/4" square) stamped
AN (no doubt about those letters as they are 2-3 times larger) over
Y263 (Y269?, Y209?).

I see in the 05-10-2014, 04:02 post by OneFlyboy that the small mark may be an inspector's stamp.

Pictures are here. Any help on ID would be appreciated.
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That's going to be a hard one to identify. The "44K" prefix indicates a military contract in 1944, but I don't find the full model listed on either the Sensenich or Hartzell listings pages.

I don't know where else to look for it. I don't think that the serial number helps.
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44k, fahlin

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