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Default Hello Everyone! Bonanza D-4 Here with a FLYING wood propeller

Hello to all on the forum. My first post. I have purchased and am in the process of completely restoring Serial number D-4 , the fourth Beechcraft Bonanza built and the 2nd sold by Beechcraft to the public. Currently the oldest airworthy Bonanza flying and, yes, the ONLY Bonanza (or perhaps the ONLY certificated airplane) still flying with an original wooden prop. Does anyone here know who might still be around to inspect these? The former owner located NOS and they torqued to the correct values but I would still like a second opinion. I also have three extra blades that all meet serviceable standards so I plan on utilizing this airplane in its original confirguration.

Going to Oshkosh in 2019 after its full and final restoration to original spec to try to win Gold!

Any info as to who can still work on Beechcraft B-200 blades would be helpful.


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I think your best bet would be to contact Monte Chase through his website www.notplanejane.com. He's got a large collection of variable pitch props and blades, and a lot of information to go along with them.
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Default about your beechcraft bonanza

Hello from Dennis in Seattle.
About 25 years ago, while attending the gathering of luscombes in Columbia California, this was an annual event for the luscombe owners, there was a very cool, early model V tail bonanza with a wooden propeller that was owned by a gentleman named Jerry Coigny. I was curious if perhaps in the logbooks that you now have, if indeed that was his plane that was in attendance at that gathering. It was a very unique situation, because at that time it was considered to be the oldest flying bonanza and when Jerry flew it in to Columbia that year, he was in his late 70s, so he was unique as well, both vintage plane and vintage pilot.

Good luck on your bonanza project.

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