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I think the most likely plane was the Thomas Morse MB 3 ("Plane M B 3" in the stampings), which has the Hisso (also called Wright) 300 HP engine. See this description of the MB 3.

I think the hub might be almost as valuable as the prop, but I have nothing to base that on except that in all these years I have never seen one with the "Wright Aviation Engine" cast on the face plate.

The prop looks to be in original condition (be sure to keep it that way) although I can't tell what's going on with the tips. In original condition I'd expect something in the range of around $1500 on eBay, but prices really are hard to predict.

Can you post a picture of the whole prop from the other side? Based on the position of the metal sheathing, that's the rear of the prop in the full picture you've posted.
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