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Hi ahranis,

The four links are for planes with Salmson 120 or 130 HP. It doesn't explain the marking CU 260. Yes, it is possible that the markings are erroneus: it would not be the fist time it happens. But if we suppose that, what have to be rejected?
Keep in mind that the prop:
- has been made in France (by Mormesse under Régy license) and later repaired or modified also in France (by Chauvière) and each time the work was approved by military controller.
- Its making has to have happened in 1918 or 1919: after this time, no more licensees made prop for the army.
- And yes, it could have been used later with "not approved" fitting, but we have to find an aircraft suitable for its first usage and also after repaired. And it there we have a problem: the prop has the same caracteristics that those for Salmson fitted with 260 HP engine... but it is right handed vs left for this aircraft. Perhaps, as supposed by Dave, it was possible to have the Z9 rotating "other way". But why? Don't forget there was "administrativ work" to make such a propeller constructed and approved...

Perhaps I forgot something in plain view that suggest an answer? It would not be the first time...


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