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Question Some questions answered...

From personal research I have discovered the following. A recent ebay seller of a four blade hub for a 80HP Renault engine measured the central hub hole as approx. 2.95". On the basis that the engine is the same then this should be correct for the M Farman prop. Enquiries with the Science museum who have a 80 HP aero engine in store show the prop shaft to be 7cms + or - .2mm. That is about 2.75". This I presume would allow for a cork bush or sleeve to be fitted.

The paint is still an issue. I have a genuine and original late Pup propeller, made by 'British & Colonial' and the paint is a dark green, darker than the green shown in Bob Gardeners book and used by Guy Black. Presuming age has discoloured the original, to replicate the colour I should use the Pup prop as a guide, although did the British 'Integral' company use this same green on Maurice Farman 1917 props?

Any comments or help invited.


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