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Default MF Prop

Dear Glen,
Thank you for your post. The question over the fabric and paint is one that cannot be answered really. I am interested in many things military and am more recently looking at restoring/reproducing antique gun boxes. The fabric in these and props has a number of weaves per inch and old fabrics should be sought where possible. Look for a fine scribe line that would indicate on the blade where the fabric went to. My original Sopwith Pup prop has the original fabric and paint but has it discoloured, cracked and darkened with age. I used an acrylic paint based on what I have seen on this site and restored props and my original prop. The result is great, restored but looking good. My prop had a hole in it for a clock, as many do, now repaired. It is waiting to go up on the wall of a new extension. I will try to attach photos to show you. As for markings let me know what they are and I will try to help. Bob Gardner's books are very good, it would be worth you getting the 'Integral Propeller Co.' edition.
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