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  • Hartzell

    I notice on your prop identification page the length is missing and there is no picture of the later decal with Hartzell on it. The length of the prop I have is 90 1/2" and I do have a picture of the decal if you would like it for the website. I must say that that ID page is excellent though.
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    What is it? Originality? Value?

    I have a wooden prop, about 92-3" long. It is marked "Hartzell, Piqua, OH", and has a "409", and "serial No. 12667". The finish is super original looking--crusty and untouched except for one small area where lighter wood tone shows. Are all the metal patches original? I will be selling this item. Can someone give me a fair and realistic value range?
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      Go to this page to find the design number, 409. The "58' refers to the pitch, in inches and may not be stamped on yours. Likely uses for your propeller were the two aircraft matching that number, using the Kinner 125 hp engine.

      I suspect that the hub assembly and the sheathing is original, but that maybe the varnish has been stripped, as I see no decals. Your best bet for guaging value is to look at items sold on ebay, not current bid prices.


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        Thanks for the info! There are traces of a red decal on both sides of the prop, and as I have decades of experience with antique furniture, etc, I would say finish is very original. Thanks again.