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What is this?! No markings of any kind

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  • What is this?! No markings of any kind

    Hi, I am a new guy, so I apologize if I sound a bit out of place.

    I went to see a friend and he had this in his basement:

    I really love it but I have no clue what it is. I realize it is not as well made or as elegant as many of these others I have been seeing images of, but I like the simplicity, the single chunk of wood and the 'A''s. It was clearly not ever in use, but my friend thought it was a mold of some sort (?????). I thought it looked more like a decorative piece. Either way, would love to get some thoughts as to what it is and any idea what its value is. Thanks a lot in advance.


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    The hub isn't drilled and there's no edge protection and it isn't laminated. In addition, it looks pretty small so my vote is it's a decorator item.