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  • sensenich prop

    i have a sensenich prop from my grandfather who got it from a navy base on grosse ile mi.

    the numbers are hard to read so this is best i can tell:

    des 72002
    ser 20610 or 20810
    hp 65
    rpm 2350

    can some one give me some insight on when this was made maybe what it went on and what it my be worth. i would like to sell it.

    thanks, jeff
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    I think the drawing number is "72 C 42", which would make more sense. I played with it in Photoshop and varied the contrast and I think there was a "4" there. That model was very commonly used on a whole variety of trainers with 65 HP engines, the Piper J3 Cub being one of the most common. The link to the Sensenich serial number page isn't working, but I think the absence of a letter in front of the number puts it in the 1932 to 1942 sequence.

    It's not worth a whole lot as a display propeller because of the embellishments like the clock, but sometimes the value is more determined by the kind of "trench art" aspect of it. It's anyone's guess what it would sell for on eBay, but mine would be something in the $150 to $200 range, if that.

    If you look closely at the attached close-up of the drawing number, I think you can see a straight line on an angle consistent with "4", just before the "2".
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      thanks for the fast reply dave. yes grandpa put a clock in the center of it. its some kind of aviation clock as you can tell and it still works when you wind it, lol. thanks again dave. any other comments welcome.


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        dave, ya it looks like it may very well be 72 c 42, still hard to tell tho.