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Help identifiying a 9ft. Hartzell

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  • Help identifiying a 9ft. Hartzell

    Greetings everyone! I have a nice vintage wood hartzell propeller that I'm trying to find some info about (approximate age and aircraft type). It is 108" X 4 1/4" thick at hub. "toothpick" shape with no cloth or medal cladding. 6 bolt hub with metal mounting hub attached (threaded on engine side and slotted on front). Markings are- DESIGN 830/A/46 (10 SR.NO.282?? HARTZELL PIQUA, OHIO. Decals are Hartzell (no liberty or walnut). I did not see the design 830 in your Hartzell reference list and was wondering if you could help me out. Thanks much, Scott

    It was built under type certificate #722 and used on a 65 HP engine.

    The Type Certificate expired December 31, 1954.

    Another listing I have shows it as designed for a Luscombe 8A with a Continental A65 engine, but it shows it as only 76" in length, so I have no idea why that discrepancy exists. The pitch is listed at 46", so that may be the significance of the A/46 number.

    You're sure the propeller is 9 feet long? That's unusual for a 6 bolt pattern hub.
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    Yes, its 9ft. long. Seems a bit big for a luscombe 8A. I'll try to send some pics as well. Thanks


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      Ooops! I responded to your post with an edit instead of a reply, which is why it's rolled into your original post. (I don't think I can undo that, either.)


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        Dave, The good folks at Hartzell wrote me back with info on my prop. It turns out it was a custom order for Dow chemical corp. and used in an industrial fan application (suprise!). They couldn't date it, but assumed 1920's vintage. Still a cool, big prop that I will be posting for sale on ebay soon for anyone that is interested. Thanks again, Scott


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          Mystery solved......

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