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Help identifying a few props

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  • Help identifying a few props

    I have two matched Olie Fahlin props and would like to know the age, type of airplane that used them and possible value. Each has the following information stamped ENG R7559, HP 225, RPM 2000, A.T. 17, DWG NO. 43K13605, Ser. No AC 43115440. The second ones Ser. No is the same with the exception of the last three numbers which are 854. They are in old crusty condition and the decals are worn off. The decals were oval and I can make out ahl as part of the spelling. Any info on these props would be greatly appreciated.
    Bob Egbert

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    I'm nearly certain that those were used on the Cessna Bobcat (AT17). At some point most of those switched to metal propellers so there seem to be a lot of surplus wooden ones around, many manufactured by different companies.

    For the same reason, they're not particularly valuable as collectibles go, but their actual value is dependent on their condition. The design number "43K...." indicates that they were made under a 1943 military contract.

    You can find the drawing number on this page, then cross reference the Sensenich version of it on this page showing the 90JA models. Pick any of the aircraft models listed for that and do a Google search and you'll get lots of information about the airplane.