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    I came across this wood propeller yesterday. Please help me with identification. I have spent the past 24 hours searching and reading. i came across this site and thought I would ask here as well. The person who has had it for several years believes its from a Waco (1920s-1930s). That is what he was told.
    I will attach pictures.

    The only numbers on it are as follows -
    J.O. 2615

    The 94 is for the total length of the prop. It’s 94 inches.
    I had a hard time concluding whether it was J.C or J.O or J. 0 (zero). I think the more i look at it from different angles it appears to be O or zero (not C).

    There is one other stamp around the hub - 30321 - a five digit number that coincides with a couple other Fahlin propeller pictures i have see online.

    The one person who was around when i saw this prop at a store instantly said I have the same one - its a Sensenich Fairchild PT-19 propeller. I sent the picture to a person who has lot of experience with vintage aircraft and his instant text response was PT-19.

    However after searching many many hours yesterday, I finally came across a Civil Aeronautics Journal article from 1942, that mentioned the “762 71” drawing as being a Fahlin propeller. Then upon looking more on this site I found the Fahlin page where D762-71 comes up as a prop for the Continenal R-670 engine - that powered up the Waco UIC/UBA.

    I also found another picture online of a Fahlin prop that has a serial number stamped around the HUB just like this one I saw had.

    There a few things I am cant reconcile -
    a) There is no Fahlin decal on the prop. Can see a faint area where a decal may have been.
    b) J.O 2615 - unable to find anything on that
    c) The Ranger L-440 powered the PT-19 - But despite search, I cant find anything that confirms that the L-440 used the Fahlin as a prop.
    D) This prop does not have any stamps on the other side of the prop.
    E) This prop does not have any stamps showing the RPM or anything else on it.
    F) The five digit 30321 - is that a serial number?
    G) this prop does not say D 762 71, it says 76271 only.

    Any help you can provide will be very much appreciated.


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