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    I have a wooden propeller made by Falcon propellers of Jamestown New York. A friend of mine who worked at Weeks Aircraft contacted a volunteer at the National Air and Space Museum who did research and concluded that it was probably fitted to either a Navy Aeromarine Model 700 aircraft or a Navy Curtiss N9. It was probably attached to either a Curtiss OXX or a Hall-Scot A-7 engine. When I got the propeller, I was told that the previous owner had been in the Navy and had been at Pearl Harbor at some time. Recently I came across an article on the internet at http:/ The article says that Major Harold Clark arrived at Fort Kamehameh in Hawaii in 1914 with 2 Curtiss N9 seaplanes. So by jumping to conclusions, possibly the propeller I have was from one of these planes. Anyway I hope you all find this interesting.

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    I believe that the OXX engine used the same hub as the OX5, and if so the bolt hole circle diameter would be 5 1/4 inches. The A7A had a bolt circle diameter of 6 inches.

    So you should be able to eliminate one of those engines by measuring the distance between the centers of the bolt holes (See this chart.)