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How old is this prop and is worth anything?

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  • How old is this prop and is worth anything?

    I have a wooden prop that is 8 foot long. It was manufactured by "The Burgess Co." out of Marblehead, MA. The only numbers I found on it read 509- then under it 80-47. Was this prop used on a war plane?

    I can't find much information on the this company. I didn't see any of their emblems posted on this site or any other.

    Please let me know your best estimate on the value of this prop and any background information on it. It does have a little chip about 6 inches long on one side. Just something to keep in mind.

    Thanks for your help.

    I would post photos but I was not sure how so please email me if you would like to see them.

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    If you would like to email me the pictures I'll post them here. Just click on the small email icon below this post.



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      prop date

      I found some information on "The Burgess Company" they were in business from 1910 to 1918 and supported Navy and Army plane manufacturing. They were the first liscensed aircraft manufacturer in the US. I found this information on . I still do not know who to contact to get this appraised.


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        Adding pictures and comments from Andy:

        Please let me know what your best guess would be on it's value. Thanks for all your help with the history and background on this prop.

        The bore is 2-13/16" the hub is 8-3/8" and length is 8 foot. The numbers on the picture are 509- and under that is 80-47-. There is also a circle with a BC4 in it above these numbers. There is spot that has some damage to it. Please see the pictures.


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          One of those went on eBay for somewhere near $3000 recently. It was probably an identical prop, with the Burgess decals and the same general shape. Prices seem to fluctuate a lot, however.