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Newbie trying to find prop ID

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  • Newbie trying to find prop ID

    Hello everyone, great forum.

    Can anyone help with this, I think it's a modern repro, but I'd like someone who knows what they are talking about to confirm this.

    It's 185cms high. Any help gratefully received.

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    Couple of thoughts, but nothing definitive:

    1. It's too short for any of the early (WW1) era props, which turned at slow RPMs and were typically around 8 feet or longer.
    2. Sensenich didn't start making props until 1932.
    3. All of the Sensenich decals I've seen, including repair stations, were place parallel to the blade, not perpedicular.
    4. Although it's probably laminated, the wood almost looks solid, which would be very unusual for a certificated propeller. Maybe the glue lines just aren't visible in the photo. You should be able to tell easily by looking at the side of the hub.
    5. It's a left hand thread, which doesn't mean a lot, except that you usually see those mostly on pushers, ultralights, some British engines and occasionally geared engines.
    6. The dark coloring around the hub compared to the honey tone of the blades looks highly "contrived".
    7. It also looks "new" with respect to finish, patina, etc.


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      Thanks for the reply Dave.

      Yes I think it all points to a replica, rather well done though. I don't think there was any intention to deceive, more me not being able to read French well!

      I liked the stamping on the hub though, nice touch.

      Thanks again Dave for the input.