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Id needed for propeller 13" diameter

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  • Id needed for propeller 13" diameter

    Hi All,
    I'm interested in identifying a prop which is wooden with no decals but on the center part of the wooden outer which encompasses a brass spindle there are some identifying markings which I will try to explain here goes:
    on one side first line as written "T 28 141"
    second line " " " " 500 WATT"
    third line " " " "NO 3 "

    other side first line " 20 "
    second line is a large square with on the first line " AID A "
    " 88R A "
    third line " L & W "
    the brass insert has six rivets running through to the other side.

    Thanks in advance for any information I receive about this.

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    It sounds like a small auxilliary prop, like for a generator, but those can be hard to narrow down as to usage.


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      It dates from about 1918 and was designed as a generator prop by the Royal Aircraft Factory. It produced 500 watts. It was used on aircraft such as the Vickers Vimy. It was made by a firm of cabinet makers called Lucraft & Westcott who roped in to making full size props for the Government from 1916 to 1918 and obviously made auxiliary props like yours as well.

      With kind regards,

      Bob Gardner
      Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers