DH4 - Eagle
c. 1917

Plane DH4
Standing R.P.M. 1470
PART NO 4-P-880-R
BAP NO 74096

SHOP 413
Comments:  This DH4 propeller was used with the Liberty 450 engine and was built by the B. Shoninger Company in New Haven, CT during WW1 under the trade name "Eagle".  The Liberty engine was referred to simply as "USA 12" on some propellers, including this one.   It is identical in design to this propeller , except for the absence of metal tipping.  The ends are wrapped in canvas, which is paritally separating in a few places.  In the United States, the Boeing Airplane Corporation, Dayton-Wright Airplane Company, the Fisher Body Corporation, and the Standard Aircraft Corporation produced the DH-4 with the Liberty L-12 engine for the American air services.  After the War the DH4 became a workhorse in the newly formed U.S. Air Mail Service.

Length:  9 feet 6 inches
Wood:  Mahogany
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