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  • Propeller Identification

    Does anyone have any idea what this propeller is from? I wasn't able to find anything that looked quite like it online, and it has no markings, and is 8'4" end to end and the center is 7.5" in width. It also had to have been from before 1988, as that is when the man who collected it died. I don't know if it helps at all but he was also in the army air corps during WWII.

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    Without stamped numbers you will only be guessing its origin. There are thousands of possibilities.


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      alright, thanks so much for this response. I will look over it again and if I find something Ill let you know here.


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        Ok, After looking over it a few more times I discovered a 1 at the base of one blade and a 2 at the base of the other blade, and on the hub you can barely make out one of the following: 85, 58, S8, 8S, -83, E8-, -58, 85-. I don't know if this helps at all, but it also looks like the metal on the tips are covered in either copper or brass and used to be painted gold or silver with a red stripe along the edge.


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          Unfortunately those numbers don't help much, if at all. I suspect that the prop was manufactured sometime between late teens and early forties and was used on several different engines (hub is multiply drilled). It's unlikely that the airplane model could ever be identified and even the engine model would be hard to determine.


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            alright, thanks so much!