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how much is this worth?

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  • how much is this worth?

    My father recently passed away and I came into possession of an old propeller. I'm curious as to how much something like this is worth, not sure if Ill be selling it, but looking online, it seems like the worth of these things can be all over the board. I posted some pics that will hopefully help in identifying it. There are also some markings that read: DI 3' 4" PI 5' 1" Aug 23 1929 Serial 1145....the other side says: DRG NO 5180/1 DH GIPSY LH. any help would be very much appreciated. thanks so much for your time.
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    I think the stamping should be 6'4" rather than 3'4". See this list.

    No one knows what they're worth until they actually sell them. My guess would be something in the $400 range, particularly as it looks as if the trailing edge of one blade has a chunk missing.

    Bob Gardner would probably have a more accurate estimate of its value.