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Anyone to help me identifying this wooden propeller

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  • Anyone to help me identifying this wooden propeller

    perhaps someone of you can help me with this one. I found out some information about it already, but there are still some questions.

    First of all, its a wooden propeller, both ends studed one sided in brass.
    It´s 152cm long and has a round middlepart with 6 holes, 16cm wide.
    The propeller is stamped with:
    BILLANCOURT (a town near Paris)

    TYPE 929

    Has anyone more information about this prop and its approximate value?
    I´m living in Austria near the German border, perhaps it´s important regarding historical and selling aspects.
    Thanks a lot.
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    As you probably found it, your prop is for a Jodel D117 fitted with a 90HP Continental engine. I join an extract of airworthy document for this aircraft where you can see different authorized props. Merville "Type 929" is one of them.

    I think the prop has been cut because:
    - 1m56 is very short (Jodel prop D 11-28-1 is 1m76, Régy 1970 about the same and Ratier 2446 is 1m85),
    - Normally, Merville shielding include blade tip.

    Probably, the prop has also been sandpapered and revarnished as Merville props are black lacquered (or painted) and have a Merville decal on each blade.

    I think the prop has been made between 1950 and 1960, perhaps later. True date may be printed on one of the flat sides of the hub : DD MM YY (example 2 10 52 for 1952 October 2nd ) around central hole.

    Its value is considerably lowered compared with a complete propeller in original condition.

    Sorry for telling that, but I do not buy post WW1 (and this one is post WW2!) prop in this state and, for me, it has no value

    You can look for examples on eBay France (look at sold props and not at props for sale as owners set frequently incredibly high prices for these very recent and very common props).

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      Merci beaucoup pour votre vite response.
      And perhaps one of the board administrators can move this thread to "Modern" Wooden Propellers.
      Thanks alot.