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Sensenich & GB Lewis & Co wooden propellors

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  • Sensenich & GB Lewis & Co wooden propellors

    Sensich is 74 1/8" with a # L0601, appears from the chart to have been manafactured between 08-1946 & 10-1946. Structure is sound, decals are fair and is places the finish is gone

    GB Lewis & Co. 70 1/4". It is the same approx shape as the Sensich but has no decals. Finished is roughed up at serial, it is DE9 L11CK-4?, PO NO 20, TO.797

    I am wondering what the value of these props are, as they have been in my barn for years. I was considering putting them on e-bay, but if I decide to keep them, can I refinish the wood portions without destroying any value, if they have any? Thanks in advance for any help. Very nice message board and information.
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    In the strongest terms I encourage you not to refinish them. I use the methods listed on Dave's Preservation FAQ web page with excellent results. See:

    The original finish is beautiful and full of character. Many collectors greatly prefer the original finish. Once you remove it, there's no going back.



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      Thanks for the link and the good advice. I figured that would be the case. Do you have some idea as to aproximate value?


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        It's really hard to know but I would guesstimate each in the $300 - $500 category.


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          Thank you Lamar

          You folks have a very fine board with knowledgeable posters. Thank you very much for your time