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G.B. Lewis Prop L11B-0 not on list

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  • G.B. Lewis Prop L11B-0 not on list

    Hi All,

    I just got my first wooden propeller and was happy to find this forum.

    Anyway, my prop has the following information, but I don't see it on the G.B. Lewis list that seems to be the comprehensive list online at:

    Any help decoding the info is appreciated as well. I am totally new to this field. Thanks.

    G.B. LEWIS CO.
    SER. 11604
    DES. L11B-0
    P.C. NO. 20
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    The information on that G.B. Lewis web page is the most current I know of but it's obviously not 100% complete.



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      I don't have anything else more specific on that either, but the Type Certificate (TC78 applied to a number of different props manufactured by G.B. Lewis, and expired in 1954. I think yours was specifically for a 65 HP engine, but that "narrows it down" to maybe 20 or 30 different possible aircraft.


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        Thank you Lamar and Dave,

        If you can tell me any more about the numbers, even the obvious stuff, it would help as I learn more.

        On a side note, there is a fabric (?) covering on the ends of the blades. Sorry, I don't know the terminology for the parts of a propeller. I'm wondering what that material is for. The propeller also has metal covering the business ends of a portion of each blade.

        While looking for the names for the parts of a propeller, I found this:

        It is helpful, but if you know of other websites that provide rich info like this, I would appreciate knowing about it.

        Thanks again.



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          I just stumbled upon this website of propeller terms. It is for boat props, but do the terms still hold for airplane propellers?

          Thanks again.