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    I have a vickers levasseur propeller.Embossed into the hub are the following details,No.160,Series 135,Width 2.50,Pitch1.60,H.P.50.In smaller lettering D80.Unfortunatly the decals were removed during cleaning but not before the patent no.12466-12.was recorded.I believe this prop to date from 1912 and has the distinctive simitar shape of levassuer design.Please could you estmate its value?

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    Dear Bob,

    This earlier thread below describes a similar prop to yours.

    It has the serie numero 151, whereas yours is earlier at 135. I am grateful for the info which I'll add to my database.

    I am sorry to hear that such a rare and early prop has lost its decals. These rare props are valuable historical items, particularly for future generations.

    I once was offered a delightfully original early prop for 1500 gbp (about 3000 usd). It had decals, no damage and was covered in a thick protective coat of dirt. (Accumulated dirt and grime are excellent preservatives). I drove 200 miles with cash in my hand to collect it, only to discover that the owner had cleaned it, removed the original varnish and decals, sanded it and added a coat of polyurethane varnish. He was amazed that I wasn't grateful for his efforts; and astonished that I didn't want to buy it, at any price.

    With commiseration,

    Bob Gardner
    Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers