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Yes another, "Help needed to identidy prop origin pleas

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  • Yes another, "Help needed to identidy prop origin pleas

    It was in my grandads garage for years! Possibel a clean up project he never got round to? (He was an amazing carpenter as a hobby)
    Now that he has now passed on my nana has said I can have it...

    I have dug it out of my nan's garage to clean it up and have been trying to find its origins. The only part of the stamping I can make out at the moment is "JUPITER" the rest is covered my old layers of cheap varnish by the looks of it.

    So here are some pics, let me know what you think?

    Only bit that is current ledgable " JUPITER"

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    Not much to go by there. It's a left hand rotation, which does narrow it down slightly. Go to this page for an explanation about hub dimensions then go to the linked page and see if you can identify an engine it would fit. If it's a Liberty and it's left hand, it would make it a pusher, for instance.


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      ok, I have uncovered more markings:

      D 3050. (Then I think a small P?) 1?80




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          If your half prop is 60", then I think 3050 is the diameter and 1.80 the pitch in a very curious measurement system (metric system, ... used worlwide )

          JUPITER may be Rhône Jupiter, an engine built from 1922 to 1929. It would be compatible with "10 23" which could be a date (october 1923).

          Another important detail : there are ten bolts ! Breguet made some props with 10 bolts, but I don't think your prop is one of them.

          The pitch is very low, but there were some propellers with similar diameter and pitch with 420 to 480 HP engine for some planes and seaplanes in the twenties.

          On page 8 of this site : you have an image of a Jupiter engine with 10 bolts fixation (first image on the left of this page).

          Sorry for my frenchie english !