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  • On my wall.

    Firstly - Hi, & what a fantastic site/forum.

    I have a serious engineering background, but I never once imagined that this would be such an involved field!

    I've just removed from a wall (Due to decorating.) 2 blade prop for which couriosity's gotten the better of me. I know nothing more than I was told when I received it - Supposedly it's meant to be around WWI (Hence posting here, apologies if I'm wrong.).

    There are no manufacturers marks or decals on it anywhere, but the 8 bolt hub has the following marks:

    DWG. Z5./01./2./B

    The blades are Copper(?) edged and each blade is marked "1" & "2" on its inner rear face.

    I've had a good rummage around the forum/site but only found how to identify the diameter & pitch (Much more than I knew!). I can pop out to the barn & get a photo, or 2, if it helps.

    It will be going back on the wall eventually, but I'd like to have a plaque engraved with a bit of relavent info, if possible.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The drawing number is not typical of WW1 propellers. Am I correct in guessing that the length of the propeller from tip to tip is 5 feet?


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      Hi Dave.

      Thanks for the reply, & seems I may be in the wrong part of the forum with this then - Sorry.

      The prop is actually 5 1/2 feet tip to tip. I mis-typed the middle row fo figures. they should read:


      I went out to the barn, took a few snaps & measured the central bore (2 5/8") which I hope will help.

      Many thanks again.