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  • A Rare Find?

    I recently re-discovered an 8' Burgess Company mahogany propeller in my basement. It has copper-clad tips and two decals from Burgess Company, Marblehead, Mass.

    The prop was given to me many years ago by an early aviation pioneer who had his own 'flying circus' in the early 20s, flying a modified Standard out of Springfield, IL.

    Markings include: "BC 4" enclosed in a circle, a stylized $ enclosed in a capital letter U almost looking like USN, and largly embossed 412-80-47 which I imagine is the serial number.

    There are 8 ~3/8" holes surrounding the 2.75" center hole.

    The prop appears in good condition with only a few nicks on the leading edge and a 2" crack.

    Can you possibly tell me something of the prop's applications and provide some idea of worth?

    Thank you very much for any information you can provide.

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    Is it like this one that recently sold on eBay? I have a similar one, although without the decals, and I've seen a few others just like it. I have yet to find what it was used on.


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      Yes. I would say nearly identical!