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    Hi, I have a Spad VII prop from the Mann Egerton works in Norwich, circa 1916 / 17. It has the Boss markings: 140 HP Hispano-Suiza engine. RH Tractor S7 D2450 P2132 Mann Egerton Aircraft Works, Norwich.

    Blade markings: M1054 P295 This prop was found and purchased in Norwich, which is entirely consistent with the history of the Mann Egerton works.

    Can anyone tell me anything else about it and what it would potentially be worth?

    Many thanks, Tony
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    Any chance of a close-up photo of the side of the hub opposite the Mann Egerton stamping?
    I ask because there don’t appear to be any witness marks on the side shown; if they are also absent from the other side it would strongly suggest that your propeller has never been fitted to an aircraft.
    Among the reasons for this could be that it was rejected late in the manufacturing process or simply that it became surplus to requirements as the more powerful Hispano Suiza engines became available.
    What is it worth? So much depends on condition, originality, history and what somebody is prepared to pay on the day. A brief search of auction sites reveals that a SPAD Vll propeller (by a different manufacturer) sold for a little over 1900 GBP five years ago.
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