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Help Identifing my Fathers/ Grandfathers 4 Bladed Propellor

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  • Help Identifing my Fathers/ Grandfathers 4 Bladed Propellor

    Can anybody help identify my Father’s / Grandfathers 4 Blade propeller? I have attached some photos. I was made by Lang Propellers ( Logo on the Back ) It was made into a coat / hat stand sometime during it life, possibly by my Grandfather. He passed away in 1966, my Father had the problem of transporting it from Manchester to Birmingham, and had no choice but do the unthinkable and cut it in two. He made the front and back plates to reassemble it which he did in the late 1980’s. He has now passed away and I would like to try and find more about it before deciding what to do with it.

    We see from the markings it was made by Lang Propellers, also it has the marking Sunbeam 150 HP. But that is all I know. Can anybody help ?
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    Look for a stamp on the hub that begins with "L" or "LP". Please post any other numbers you find as well. I have a list at home that I can review in a few days, but I don't think there's enough information yet to narrow it down much.

    It's also possible that some numbers are covered by the metal plate.


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      I can’t offer definitive identification but will add my thoughts, for what they are worth:
      The propeller has a right hand thread, which suggests a pusher application, as most of this family of Sunbeam engines rotated anti-clockwise (I say “most” because they did make an opposite handed variant for use in a specific twin engined application).
      I have studied photos of every aircraft that Wikipedia lists as being powered by the 150HP Sunbeam and all but one used propellers with much broader and more curved blades than yours. The exception is the Sopwith type 806 “Gunbus”, which I believe may be a likely candidate for the origin of your propeller.
      The attached photo is of poor quality but it does show characteristics of the propeller which appear to be consistent with yours; i.e. straight, slender blades with relatively blunt tips.
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